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We are building up a new site to deliver interesting articles and pages out to you.

There are so many sources of information and web pages available, that it is really hard to figure out the interesting one.

One manually selected and chosen resources will be shown over here and you will see more and more pages coming. Stay tuned and you will see how you can place your own page over here.


DGUV at Technikwerker

At Technikwerker we take care about the accident prevention in your company.

For your electrical installations and equipment in companies or any type of organisation we are doing your DGUV implementation.

Technikwerker - Your Partner for Technology - Electrical Services for Your Business

Technikwerker - Your Partner for Technology

Since 1972 we are serving our customers in all areas around electrical and electronic systems.

Visit Technikwerker and we help you in planning, delivering and maintaining electrical and electronic systems for your business environments.

Virus Pandemic Simulation (Coronavirus, Covid-19)

Coronavirus Simulator

An online simulation showing the spread of a virus. This simulator shows how pandemic events are happening and gives the possibility to see the results for various parameters.

The pandemic simulation is not just to simulate the current Corona virus and the related Covid-19, but for any kind of events with exponential spread.

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NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Improve yourself with the help of NLP. Neurolinguistic Programming offers tools and methods to program your mind for whatever goal you want to reach.

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Personality Tests for Analysis and Improvement

Testing your personality and figuring out your strenght to improve your life.

SEO - Optimierung für Webseiten

SEO - Optimierung für Webseiten

When it is about SEO and optimizing your web site or blog for best search engine performance, there is a log of information available.

At this page there is a comprehensive overview of toos and hints how to optimize your pages for SEO.

You can start with Abbreviations around SEO. When you know the basics move on to the SEO Tipps 2019.


Manager and Business Consulting

One of the most important assets in businesses are the involved people. At ISNED there are customized offers for consulting, mentoring and coaching.

It's all about People. ISNED helps you to reach Your Goals.That's it - Simple and Effective.

Psychology Dictionary German-English

Psychology Dictionary German-English

A dictionary especially for psychological terms and examples in German and English.

The "Psychologie Wörterbuch Wortschatz Deutsch - Englisch" was mainly developed to support for the examination of psychological studies in Austria.