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Customize your blog

Thanks to the ease of use of our service and to the richness of our edition tools, your possibilities of personalization are unlimited. Create a ďseriousĒ blog or a ďwhimsicalĒ blog.

You can :

  • Choose a skin among our collection and create very easily an attractive blog without any knowledge of HTML language.
  • Personalize completely the appearance of your blog or your multi blog according to your colors, your logos, your pictures...
  • For the experts, its possible to edit the HTML skeletons.
  • Add modules like :
    • a calendar
    • a search engine
    • archives
    • the "who's online" module
    • a hierarchy of your categories
    • external links
    • under-blogs categories to organize your multi blog...
    • or create your own modules !
  • Personalize your modules, their contents and their position by drag-and-drop
  • Reserve your personalized domain name and to create your own e-mail accounts.
  • Thanks to our free directory, make the promotion of your blog...
  • And still much more functionalities...!

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