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Your blog, its your own diary, your Web site. Express your opinions and confront your ideas on the Web or simply tell your life day after day. The visitors are able to leave comments on what you wrote if you authorize them. Each day, publish yourself and without constraints all the information (articles, pics and videos) that you want !

Share your images and pics

Our free service of images hosting makes it possible to store easily and quickly an image on the Net in order to post it on a forum, a site, a blog or quite simply to share it with other people.

Thanks to Sosblog, you can host free your images and pics gallery, you can also :

  • Insert your images and pics very easily during the writing of an article by drag-droping.
  • Classify your images and pics in categories and albums.
  • Determine exactly the authorizations of the users to see the albums, etc...
  • Many edition tools for the pictures are provided (rotation, sepia, black and white, blur, a diaporama is at the disposal of all users...).

And when a user writes a message, it is constantly possible for him to open a window in order to host easily and quickly the pics which he wishes to diffuse.

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